UPDATE: God has been up to some pretty crazy things. Just a week ago, I only had a little over 50% of my monthly support to go to Japan. I Skyped the director of the missionary base in Tokyo and then began to pray a lot. The question on my heart was, “God do you want me to go now in faith, or do you want me to wait longer and raise more support”. After much prayer, my heart came to a place where I was ready to buy a ticket and leave for Japan, throwing myself into the goodness and faithfulness of God. My heart was in this place where I just needed to trust God, believe His promises and what He had spoken to my heart about Japan and the promise of provision. The amazing thing was during that process of praying and seeking God on timing, a massive amount of more support came in! And now, I am at about 90% of the support I need! I have already purchased my ticket and will be leaving this coming Sunday. I am trusting that God has the tiny bit left of the support already on its way and am excited to be released back into the country where my heart is.

GOALS: These next few days are very key. I have a lot to get done and my brain is running crazy with the check list of stuff to get done. Please pray that every last detail falls into place and that I will be able to enjoy this last week with my family. I am not at a place were I am able to visit lots of people this week but will be having an open house this Friday (contact me for info if you are interested).

PRAYER: Please be praying that God continues to prepare my heart for everything He has for me and for my next season in Japan. There has been much spiritual warfare over my return to Japan and God has been so faithful through it all. I got sick 2 days ago and am praying for healing. I would love your prayer as well. I love and miss you all who have prayed and poured into me. Please stay in touch as I will miss you very much while in Japan!


One response to “LEAVING FOR JAPAN”

  1. Joy says :

    Oh Devin! I am so happy for you that you are getting to go back to Japan! My heart is stirred to see you follow so wholeheartedly after God! It is so encouraging….to me….to everyone that knows you! I was not able to go to your open house tonight, but I was thinking of you and perhaps a piece of my heart went, if that’s at all possible, lol. Anyways, as I said earlier, I am immensely happy for you and blessed to have you as a friend! You WILL be thought of over here and prayed for! Keep us updated Devin! You are the best!!!!
    ~Joy (Fibonacci)

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