UPDATE: Today is my sixth day back in Tokyo, Japan! I and the other returning students have settled in quiet well. We have started staff training at the Tokyo, YWAM base. Currently there are 22 staff at the base; seven of which are new! In just a few weeks, all of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) students will arrive and our numbers will double to around 40. I am so excited for all of the students to come as this will be a great time of pouring into them.

Recently, I have been spending time asking God what He has for me during my time here in Japan. There are many things that He has placed on my heart and I am excited to see the journey that He takes me on here in Tokyo. Right now, my main hearts desire is to pour into all of the staff at the base. It is such a blessing to be living in a rich community again and I look forward to spending the next two years with these amazing people.

Next week, we are traveling to Mount Fuji where we will be hosting the National Japanese YWAM Conference. There are three YWAM bases in Japan that will be gathering together to create greater unity, worship together, and seek more of God’s heart for Japan. Please be praying for this time.

Also, because of how much the YWAM base here in Tokyo is growing, we need new housing for everyone. In 3 weeks we are moving and currently are still searching for the place that God is going to provide for us. I am filled with anticipation for the place God is preparing. Its going to be so amazing having a new place where all of the staff and students can live. Please be praying that God makes this transition smooth and continues to give refreshment to the leaders working hard on this.

PRAYER REQUESTS: God is so faithful! He has brought me back to Japan. In the past six months, there have been many moments where I was faced with discouragement and wondering when I would be able to return. But He has provided for me and taken care of every obstacle. As I type this out, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness, provision, compassion, mercy, extravagant love, and the call He has placed on my heart for Japan. Sitting here with my fellow staff member Ryan at a coffee shop, I look around and am surrounded by beautiful Japanese people and my heart is filled with joy and thankfulness with the blessing of being here.

Please pray that I continue to walk in Radical Joy, Bold Faith and Continual Thankfulness. Also please pray for vision. God has been placing many things on my heart and I have a desire for more vision and direction for the next two years. This season is going to be a huge time of growth and I am really longing to see God’s heart and love poured out.

We need a new location for the YWAM Tokyo base. Please pray that God brings this about soon.

Please be praying that God continues to bring in the rest of the financial support that I and a few other staff members are needing to raise.

And also please pray that each of us here continues to keep the first things first. Walk in first love relationship with God and that everything that we do becomes an outflow of that.

Thank you so much!

E. Devin Vander Meulen II


2 responses to “FIRST WEEK BACK IN JAPAN”

  1. pilgrim1030 says :

    Devin, thank you for your wonderful prayer newsletter. Please keep them coming! I’m so happy you made it back to Japan, and I want you to know that I am committed to praying for you as you take this two-year journey.

    We miss you here, of course, but we are excited that you can be in a place where the Lord will not only use you to bless others will be shape you more and more into His image through the things you will experience.

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