UPDATE: I have now been back in Tokyo, Japan for one month. Already my heart has rested in the reality that for these next 2 years this is my home and I am at peace. Each day of each week of this first month, God has been dealing with my heart. Growing me, stretching me, addressing things, correcting things. It has been such a good process of accelerated growth of preparation filled with excited anticipation. 

A while ago, God told our base leaders to prepare to move out of our two houses and that He had new locations for us. The goal at some point is to acquire a hotel. For now, we are living in 1 house for the DTS (missionary students) guys, 1 house for the DTS girls, and have split up the rest of the staff into various homes of people at the base. This change has all taken place in the past 3 days! My fellow staff Dave, JP and I will be staying with the DTS guys at the new house. We have 7 male students that just arrived yesterday! God has been so faithful to bring each of them here and they are such a treasure.

We had our first community meal last night. Then we spent time thanking God for things and established this DTS in a heart of thankfulness to God for who He is, what He has done, and what He is going to do. I am so thrilled to see the unity we already have in just 2 days. The community is beautiful and my spirit is so filled with anticipation for the good things that God is going to do in this years YWAM Tokyo DTS. This will be my first time staffing a school with YWAM and I am really pumped about pouring into these amazing men of God for the next 5 months! #Revival 

During the move 2 days ago, I was leading the move team at the girls old house. There was so much to do and so little time. (Welcome to being a missionary!) One of the things that was on my heart was that we needed to make sure that we never complained but were spending the whole day in thanksgiving to God for his provision. I went around to the staff helping on the team and asked each what they were thankful for. The above video was the result. Our base has been practicing building an alter of worship and prayer. One of the things that has resulted from that is that God is teaching each of us to walk in radical thankfulness at all times. I am so honored to work with such an all-star staff. God is so faithful and what He is doing here in Japan is so beautiful! May He receive all the glory.

PRAYER REQUEST: God has given us everything that we need and His plan is best. We are still asking him to provide more housing for the rest of the staff. Please join with us in prayer as we continue to seek God’s direction on strategy, timing and logistics. It is often times scary living by faith, day by day. But there is much beauty in it. For one, we can’t get the credit, only He gets glory. For another, we are reminded that everything is in God’s hands. He is not worried and He has everything figured out. He is a good father and every good and perfect gift is from Him. We are asking that He continues to grace us with the ability to walk in faithfulness to whatever He asks. And are choosing to partner with whatever He says. There is much peace, joy and rest in this. I am really loving this season.

Please also continue to pray that I walk in Bold Faith, Radical Joy, and Continual Thanksgiving. I can tell you have been praying and I thank you! The prayers are working and I have noticed my heart changing in good ways. Thank you so much for partnering with me. You all are amazing and I love you. 


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