MINISTRY FOCUS: Last year, I did my Discipleship Training School (DTS) here in Tokyo with YWAM. During the 2monthoutreach phase, I had the great honor and privilege of working with an amazing organization called HiBA (High Schoolers Born Again). During the summer, we put on a camp and also took teams all throughout Tokyo for evangelism. It was during this ministry with HiBA that God asked me to come back to Japan for 2 years. HiBA has a very special place in my heart and I am really excited to be working with them more during my 2 years here in Tokyo.

Last week I went with some of the other YWAM volunteers to the Christian Academy of Japan (CAJ) and walked around campus building relationship with the staff and students. Then we got to pray over the chapel there that HiBA was giving a presentation at. It was fun seeing a lot of the high schoolers I had met during my DTS. Later that evening, we went to the HiBA meeting and got to worship, pray and fellowship with a room full of high school and middle school students. 

I will be going to CAJ and HiBA on a weekly basis and and really looking forward to what God is going to do in these wonderful young people’s lives and how He is going to use them as the future leaders of Japan.

UPDATE: God has provided 2 neighboring apartments for the DTS girls and the the staff that will be living there with them. This is a huge answer to many prayers and we are extremely grateful for God’s provision! This weekend we moved a lot of stuff out of storage to the new apartments and were able to get all of the girls things from their temporary housing into their new apartment homes. God is faithfully providing in every way!

PRAYER REQUEST: This week in lecture our base leader, David McDaniel, is teaching on the character and nature of God. Please be praying over this time that God will reveal himself to us more and more. That we will know who He is and what He is like to a deeper level. This week is very key to all the weeks that will follow. Also, please be praying that I build relationship more and more with the high schoolers at HiBA. And that God continues to give me more of His heart to pour out. I am so excited about what God is doing in their lives! And as always, please pray that God continues to give me Bold Faith, Radical Joy, and Continual Thankfulness. I love you all. 




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