Philippines Update 4

UPDATE: This last Sunday was so encouraging. We got to meet up with a church that we have built relationship with for a while now. We did street evangelism for a while in the afternoon and got to pray for several people. Then we had an evening church service. 3 of the DTS students lead worship and one gave the message. Then afterwards we all broke into prayer teams and were able to minister to the different members of the church. It was so good to be able to pray blessing and speak life into the people there. The church has gone through some really hard times since we were here last year and it was a great joy and privilege to be able to come in to encourage and bless. 
Earlier this week we also had a chance to play with the kids at the base here in Olongapo. The many children and youth here do not have father figures in their lives seeing how the base is composed of single mothers who have come out of a life of prostitution. We were able to play with the kids and love on them for a time and continue to pursue them during our day to day life at the base. They are precious. 
Today we did more street evangelism. Joining us is a YWAM team from New Zealand. We will be working together for the next several days and I am super excited! We walked to a park and got to talk with several people hanging out there and prayed for many. I found that most were extremely receptive to prayer. Some people would come up to us, tell us that they needed healing and ask us to pray. It was really good. I am excited because tomorrow we are going back to that park and doing worship and prayer.

Tonight we are also having prayer room at the base then we are breaking into teams and leading teaching times for the children, the youth, and the girls at the base. Then later we will also be going into the bars for bar ministry. Please be praying for this time! More updates to come later.


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