Philippines Update 5

UPDATE: We partnered with YWAM New Zealand, YWAM Olongapo as well as a local pastor named James Jimenez and did open worship, skits, message and prayer in the park. It was so wonderful! One person got to pray for someone to receive Christ and about 20-30 people received prayer for healing and other requests. Then the next day we sent out a smaller team to a different location for the same thing. What was really on my heart during this time was dreams about the location being reached over a long period of time. It was so good to be able to bring God’s kingdom, to love on Him and also love on people. And yet my heart longed to see these people reached through long term relationship and weekly pursuit. Please pray that God raises up people to pursue those who live in these parks and community locations. I feel like I can only do so much in a two week outreach. At the same time I know that God is faithful and it was so encouraging to see the fruit from a single day of ministry there. Maybe He keep doing more and more!

Secondly, we did bar ministry again. I want to report something that greatly excites me! One of the mama-sans requested that we lead a weekly bible study at her bar. Some people may have varying views on this but I think that it is so like Jesus! He always went to where the people where. He was in their houses and poured out his love on them. The crazy thing is He so often was hanging with “sinners” and whats even more crazy is that they LOVED him so much! I want to be more like that. This is why it thrilled me to learn that the YWAM Olongapo base we are staying at is going to lead a weekly bible study in a bar. The bible study is for the girls that work as prostitutes at the bar. We have been inviting girls from all over the red light district to come and I am looking forward to seeing the fruit that God brings from it.


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