Philippines Update 6

UPDATE: Last night we traveled to a city called Angeles. It took 2.5 hours to get there and we arrived at around 9:30pm. Angeles has a lot more prevalent red light district and the ministry opportunities there are huge. A couple of the staff at the Olongapo YWAM base desire to someday move there and start a ministry in that area. Right now they travel all the way to Angeles to do prayer walks and to build relationship with the people there. It was an honor to be part of this pioneering process last night. We took the New Zealand YWAM team, some staff from YWAM Olongapo and our YWAM Tokyo team and did prayer walks, worship, and went into a few bars and talked with a lot of the girls on the street. One of the things that really hit me was how many girls were working in prostitution. I was told by one of the door girls that the bar she works at has 200 girls working in it. I do not know how many girls are in prostitution in Angeles but the number in the red light district alone must be in the thousands. Please be praying for what God wants to do in Angeles and that He would continue to lead the staff that want to plant a ministry there.

We did not arrive back in Olongapo till quite late and got to bed around 3am this morning. Then we left for church with pastor James and his family. We went to a church called Seek God Ministries that is composed almost entirely of very young street kids. I had been to this church last year on my DTS outreach and it was good to see the kids again. We got to pray for people at the end and it was a huge blessing for me to be able to pray for about 6 little girls ages 4-8ish. Holy Spirit gave me lots of things to pray over each one about how He sees them and how He made them. Then I also got to pray for one of the staff at the church for a long time. God did a lot of work through the prayer times today and it was super encouraging.


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