UPDATE: Yesterday was the second day of the Creative Arts Outreach here in Tokyo. It was so much fun! We started the day in Ueno park and began with prayer and worship. Then some of the team went out looking for people to pray for while the rest stayed and continued worshiping and praying. It was so good to simply be in a peaceful place and create an atmosphere of worship and loving on Him. We noticed that several Japanese people were drawn in and would come and sit with us or watch with eager curiosity and we were able to start some conversations. Then the people that went out looking for people to pray for would also bring them to where the worship was and that seemed to work well too! We met two guys from Sweden that had only been in Japan for 2 hours and had a fun time talking with them.

In the evening we were joined by several members of my home church in Tokyo called Cornerstone Church. These guys are radical for Jesus and it was super good partnering with them since they carry a deep passion for Revival in the city of Ikebukuro and the nation of Japan. We were also joined by a missionary couple called the Lim’s. They are from Australia, they did a ministry school called Circuit Riders, and now are in Tokyo for a couple months. In addition to this, there were also several missionaries from California that joined us from a church called Cerritos.

We started the night with worship and intercession. Later, Pastor Phil, from Cornerstone church prayed over Sadie and I that we would have wisdom and anointing to lead the rest of the night. Sadie had a word about Jesus looking/longing for His bride and I got a word about God giving all of us an invitation to ask Him for things. So the whole group started crying out that God would release: signs, wonders, miracles, healings and salvation in Ikebukuro.

Then we set up one music station where continual worship and intercession would happen for the whole night. We also had a station with 2 musicians that played performance music to draw people in and build relationship. We had a team that was interceding over the whole night. There was a group that asked God for pictures and drew what He put on their heart and look for people to pass the drawings out to. And the rest of us split into smaller groups and went around street evangelizing. I got to work with Uel Lim and we spent most of the evening looking for people to talk about Jesus with.

Then everyone met together for a time of worship and intercession. We ended the time with all of us asking God to release His power and anointing for evangelism and His ministry for the rest of the week and on. My heart was so encouraged last night and I am excited to see what God is going to do.

Please be praying for this week!


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