UPDATE: Today, we met in Ueno Park. What had been on Sadie and my hearts for the outreach time this day was really seeking God in the beginning and not starting ministry until He released us. We gathered everyone together and pressed in with worship and intercession and waiting on him for about an hour and then broke up into groups. We each prayed and asked God what we were supposed to do and who we were supposed to be with. For this night, I felt that God wanted me to be alone. So I went for a walk and found a beautiful fountain that was light by lights, emitted mist, and had wooden sitting areas all around. I found this Japanese man and sat by him for a while in silence just watching the fountains and water. Then I asked him if he spoke any English. He spoke no english but seemed eager to talk anyways. For about 45mins we both talked in our native tongues and simply enjoyed the beauty of the night together and the peace of the park. At one point I was able to figure out that he liked guitar so I gave him an invitation to the party in the park that we are having on Friday. I hope that he comes and can talk to the Japanese speakers there and learn about Jesus. Even if he doesn’t come though, I am super grateful that God blessed me with a friend for the night that I could talk to in a way that transcended language and who shared my love for peaceful nights and beauty. God showed me this night that He can have me love on someone that doesn’t even understand my spoken words.


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