UPDATE: This Friday night was the final day of the Creative Arts Outreach. We met in Ueno park at 4pm and started the time with worship and prayer. We then broke into teams. Some of us began preparing for the night time “Party in the Park” and the rest walked around continuing street evangelism.

At 7pm, the Part in the Park began. We had invited people to the park in the days leading up to Friday night and I was excited to see who would come. The party turned out great. We had live music, food, and even an illustrated story with a gospel message. I was super encouraged at one point though when one of the guys I had met the day before showed up. His name is Wesley and he is studying english here in Tokyo for one month. He brought his guitar and played 2 songs for us near the end of the party and I got to have a very long and wonderful conversation with him towards the end. I shared my life testimony about what God has done in my life and what he has done for me. I intend to meet up with Wesley again next week for coffee.

In addition to Wesley, another one of my new friends showed up to the party. If you remember in my previous post I talked about meeting a Japanese man by the water fountains the night prior. He did not speak any english and I know very little Japanese. And yet God highlighted him to me. I was able to have a long time of communicating with this man on Thursday without words. We sat together for almost an hour enjoying the beauty of the surrounding park and using hands and tone to communicate simple messages. I had given him a piece of paper with information on it about the party. Well he showed up! And he came with a big smile on his face. I listened to part of the concert with him and then grabbed one of my Japanese friends to help me translate. Then for about an hour I sat with him and through the translator was able to have a wonderful conversation. Well, later that night, my two friends Kyle and Lindsey had a chance to also talk with him and he decided to give his life to Christ. I later learned that another man gave his life to Christ! This so much blessed and encouraged me because that night I had really been asking God to release salvation. And He did! He is so faithful, Japan is not a hard place, and Japanese people are encountering the love of God.


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