I have just finished staffing my first YWAM Discipleship Training School [DTS]. The past 5 months, we have had amazing teachers come in, I got to take a team to the Philippines, do several outreaches in Tokyo, and also work at a summer camp. God has done much in these five months. He is endlessly faithful. Many people have experienced His love and we have several new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today I said goodbye to many of the DTS students. Now I am chilling at Starbucks and thinking about what God has next. I have about 7 months until the next DTS starts and I am excited to see what God has in store for this new season. He has been talking to me about many things that I am still praying through. I am going to wait till they are more actualized before describing things in detail. I am excited to continue to work with HiBA and the youth at the Christian Academy of Japan. I am excited to pour into the staff more. “Discipleship” and “taking initiative” are two things that keep coming up a lot in my thoughts and prayers.

PRAYER REQUEST: I would love for your prayers about this coming season. Please pray that God pours out wisdom and direction. Please pray that I fall more in love with Him. Please pray that He continues to bring a revelation of my sonship. Please pray that I continue to grow in the knowledge of Him (this means experiential more than conceptual). Please pray that I walk in radical love, bold faith, and perpetual thankfulness.

You are all wonderful and I really appreciate your prayers and support. Send me a message and let me know how you are! You are missed and loved.



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