UPDATE: The past few weeks here at the YWAM Tokyo base have been very hard and also really good. God has been teaching me many new things about what it means to be a Christian. As a community, we have been spending a lot of dedicated time in prayer and worship while corporately seeking after God’s heart and allowing Holy Spirit to show us places in our lives that are not yet fully yielded to Him. This has been a time of learning more about Lordship and Surrender. Currently, our base is in a month of fasting and seeking fresh vision from Holy Spirit for Japan and for our lives. There is so much beauty in this season and also it is hard because it requires a lot of dying to self.

During this time, God has been releasing more vision for me personally and also for the base collectively. I will continue working with the high school ministry that I am involved with called International HiBA. I have signed on for another year with this ministry and am working on soon having a couple guys that I can disciple every week. God keeps talking to me about discipleship and I am excited to see what He has in store. Also, our base is dreaming about opening an outreach cafe. We desire to start small and have a space we can invite people to after evangelism during our outreaches this coming year of DTS. We deeply desire to have a full blown cafe in the future where we can serve amazing coffee and baked goods and create an atmosphere where people can gather in community. This will greatly help the followup portion of our evangelism ministries.

Our base also has an opportunity to partner with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for one year. The director of asia has offered to work with YWAM Tokyo and train the staff at our base for one year in evangelism leading up to a crusade  that will be happening next year! We are praying about this amazing opportunity and I am excited to see what God is going to do.

We also are praying about a new meeting location that we could rent on a monthly basis and that is more localized around where we are focusing geographically. The desire is to hopefully have an outreach cafe there as well as a prayer room and a place to have our meetings at. Already God has provided a possible place for us and we went there last week for a time of intercession. Please pray that God gives us clear direction and favor in looking for a new meeting place.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please be praying for me in this current season. There is a lot of spiritual warfare over this time. I desire to be perfectly aligned with God’s plan for my life and want to hear from Him clearly on where He is leading me. Please pray that God pours out wisdom and vision for both me personally and for our YWAM Tokyo community. Also, please be praying that God provides the perfect meeting place for us. And also for favor in the ministry relationships that are starting. This is an exciting time here in Tokyo. God is good, He is faithful. Revival will come to Japan!

NEW PROJECT: I have also started a new creative project. Recently, I have been feeling the creative itch and have desired to work on some personal projects. While thinking about this, God spoke to me about a way of using the arts to reflect things that He shows me about this nation in prayer. I have now started a project called “Kingdoms”. Each installment is ment to be a visual representation of the contrast between things that are true now of Japan and the heart of something deeper that God created into the nation and people. You can check out the project here: kingdomsclash.tumblr.com


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