YWAM TOKYO New Ministries: This is a season of pioneering new ministries here in Tokyo. God has been releasing more and more vision this past year and now new things are starting. We have dreams for a really wonderful Cafe that will serve amazing coffee and baked goods. There is a team of staff here who are passionate about evangelism in the universities of Japan. Currently the focus is a Christian founded university called Rikkyo. (Read the blog post about “Why Rikkyo” here) Also, we are preparing to work with the Billy Graham organization and learn how to teach evangelism. We have started a prayer room and dream of a time when we can have a building for 24/7 prayer, worship and intercession. Also, we are working on ideas to develop youth ministry since the base already has ministries for college and high school aged Japanese people.

CREATIVE ARTS Ministry: I am working with Sadie and Rachel to pioneer a new ministry at the YWAM Tokyo base. The goal will be to use the Arts as a way of facilitating evangelism to the Japanese people. Historically, Buddhism was brought to Japan through the bridge of beautiful art. Japanese people have a strong value for beauty and it is our deep desire to reveal the beauty of our God to this nation. This prospect is a humbling concept. And yet we truly believe that God can use the talents and skills that He gave artists to be a type of messengers to these people.

UENO PARK Evangelism Outreach: Yesterday, the Creative Arts team and the Cafe Ministry team joined together for an outreach event in Ueno Park. One of the things that we desire to do is, in unity, work together with different ministries within our community and with other ministries outside of YWAM. So we decided to do a joint outreach. The Cafe Ministry: Katie made amazing baked goods and Dave advertized 5 min english to start conversations with people. The Creative Arts team planned to do live music and street evangelism, we also were joined by Kaare who is part of the prayer room. When we arrived at the park in the afternoon we found that the entire place was erupting in a beautiful arts festival! So cool! But we didn’t know if we could set up a station because of the festival that was going on. Also we sensed a lot of weird spiritual activity from some of the things happening there. So we prayed and asked God for a release of His anointing and authority for the day. We prayed against fear and asked for Joy and Peace based off of a verse that Sadie shared from the morning. We decided to set up a table and got things started as soon as that was established something shifted and we felt that God had paved the way in the spirit for us to minister to people. Later we were asked to take the table down by security so we broke into teams and went out to talk to people. God filled my heart with so much joy and peace during this time and I felt that I was walking in His victory for the day.

I saw this lady dressed in a very disturbing black dress with a skull painting on her face. She was walking around in a very disconcerting manor and creepily chasing children too! For some reason I felt that God wanted me to talk to her. I learned that she was a face painter and so we made friends with her, gave her some of the baked goods to eat and I let her paint my face. She happened to give me a Phoenix (my favorite mythological bird). It was interesting because God gave me such a heart for her. She is the kind of person that normally I would want to avoid but I had a strong sense that God wanted to use me to show her kindness from His heart. Her entire demeanor changed as we talked.

Then later Sadie and I made friends with 2 performers and took pictures with them. We gave them pumpkin scones and learned a little bit about who they were and what they did. No one got saved from that outreach but it was very beautiful to see God release Joy and Peace to our team and how He lead us around to love on people in practical ways. We are going to keep doing outreaches and I am excited to see God move and for Japanese people to know Him!

Japanese Festival | “Wishes” Prayers The entire park was covered in many colorful pieces of paper. Japanese people write “wishes” on them and hang them. Essentially, they are prayers for blessing. I desire to see Japanese people know the personal and relational God that I love and for them to see how He desires to hear their prayers and answer them.


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