UPDATE: This weekend, I went with a team of 8 people from my YWAM Tokyo base up north to Iwaki, Japan. We traveled to the Global Mission Center where an international team of people from 24/7 Prayer lead a prayer conference focusing on the Father heart of God. The 3 day conference involved a lot of worship, prayer, teaching and relationship building. During this time, my heart was greatly ministered to as I learned more about what it means to view God as my heavenly father and what it means to walk in the fullness of sonship. God greatly encouraged my heart, spoke fresh vision, and taught me more about who He is and His desire for me and for Japan.

One of the beautiful things about this conference, was seeing the vastly dynamic range of nations represented. Although the gathering was rather small (about 50-75 people each day), there were people from: Japan, America, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Fiji, and Norway! It was very powerful to see so many parts of the Bride coming together in unity and praying for healing, revival, salvation, and reconciliation in Japan.

A COOL STORY: On Saturday, we went to visit a Korean lady who owns a local restaurant in Iwaki. She is friends with one of the ladies on my team and she invited us to have lunch for free at her restaurant! We ate like kings as we enjoyed the best Korean food that I have ever had. Then she brought us Coke in glass bottles, and then finally wonderful coffee. Later she sat with us and shared what has been on her heart. She is a rather new Christian and has a deep hunger to grow in her relationship with the Lord. She wants to sell her restaurant so that she can have more time to serve. After sharing, we all had a chance to pray for her and encourage her. One of the things that the Lord spoke was that she is a woman who carries hospitality. That right now she is in a season of learning what it means to sit at Jesus feet and Him sharing His heart with her. And also, that God wants to use her as a woman who, through hospitality, creates a place where others can also sit at Jesus feet. After the prayer time, she was greatly encouraged and wouldn’t stop smiling, shaking our hands, crying, thanking us and hugging us. We all took a picture with her afterwards. She is a precious daughter of the king and it was a joy meeting her on that trip. On the last day of the conference, she was able to come and we once again received a round of hugs and smiles : )


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