YWAM TOKYO: On Valentine’s Day we all gathered by Ikebukuro Station to pass out bags of chocolate and make balloon flowers for people we met. The goal was to share the message the God knows and loves each and every Japanese person. Each bag of chocolate had a bible verse on it about God’s love that was written in Japanese. This outreach was incredibly fun!



PREPARATION: The YWAM Tokyo Creative Arts Ministry (Sadie Arneson, Rachel Wieder, Rachael Harvey, and me) had the great joy of working together to come up with the tags that would be used for the outreach. It was a fun project where we all got to work together in some of our different strengths to make something beautiful. It took a whole day to finish as each tag was hand painted with watercolors and the design printed over that. But it was super fun.


OUTREACH: Everyone from YWAM Tokyo came together and met in Ikebukuro in the late afternoon and passed out chocolate and hearts for a few hours. It was fun to see so much joy released. The small team I was on prayed against a spirit of suicide before we started and asked Holy Spirit to highlight people to us. We wanted people in Ikebukuro to feel loved, known, valued and for joy to be released. It was a super fun outreach and I had a lot of fun!




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