UPDATE-COVERGOD IS SO FAITHFUL AND HE IS SO GOOD: I have now been in Japan as a full time missionary with YWAM Tokyo for 1 year! The past three months have been very intense, very hard at times, and all together very wonderful. He has shown His manifest faithfulness over and over and filled me with joy. For the past three months I have been working through several things in my life that God has highlighted. Areas that He wants to bring healing, ways that He wants to stretch me and grow me and also things that He wants to give me and do through me. There has been a lot of prayer, a lot of wrestling, a lot of tears and also a lot of joy. VICTORY is the word. It would take many hours to explain all the ways that He has been bringing victory into my life. If you want to know more you can send me a message or letter and I can share personally. But I want to thank each and everyone of you for your financial support and your faithful prayers. Your prayers are so key to the things He is doing here and doing in me. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

PHILIPPINESOLONGAPO, PHILLIPINES:  I will be co-leading a 2 week outreach to the Philippines this summer! This will be my third year doing an outreach to the Philippines and I am super excited. The team I will be leading with consist almost entirely of students from this years DTS. Please be praying that God gives me wisdom, prepares my heart, prepares the students and that God brings in all the money I will need for airfare and expenses.

DTSTHE 2013 YWAM TOKYO DTS: Today was the first day of this years school! The students are here and I am excited for all that God is going to do in these next 5 months. There are amazing men and women from all over that have come to pursue the Lord, receive hands on missionary training, and reach the lost. Today we met in our new meeting place which we are calling “The Living Room”. It had a wonderful family feel and I am expecting really good things from the Lord. Please be praying for me as I lead during this season. This DTS is a Fire and Fragrance DTS meaning that there will be a heavy emphasis on worship and prayer.

NEW HOME: I have just moved and now live in a place called Higashi-Kureme! Its super beautiful here. I will be living in my new home for this years DTS. One day after the move I went for a bike ride as the sun was setting and shot this video. God is so good that He gives me beauty to enjoy everywhere I go.

Cornerstone CORNERSTONE CHURCH: My girlfriend Sadie and I have been asked to lead an early service at our church called Cornerstone. We are super excited as this is something that God is really speaking into and growing each of us in leadership with. We are both getting to practice our passion for teaching and also pastoring peoples hearts and learning to work together and trust Holy Spirit more and more. Right now we are doing a series about the Trinity. Sadie spoke about the Father, I spoke about the Son and next week it will be about Holy Spirit. Its been really good and God has been growing both of us a lot. Please continue to pray for wisdom, growth and fruit. These are exciting times!


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2 responses to “AN EPIC UPDATE”

  1. Rebecca Boudreau says :

    It’s so good to hear everything God is doing in Tokyo, in YWAM Tokyo, in Cornerstone and in you!! Praying for you all often! Is there anything specific I could pray for you guys for?!

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