THE TEAM: I had the great privilege of co-leading an outreach to Olongapo, Philippines for 2.5 weeks. This was my third year in a row going to the Philippines on outreach. I took an amazing team of 10 international missionaries and we partnered with YWAM Olongapo, YWAM New Zealand, as well as two missionaries from Norway and a missionary from the UK. This outreach was part of the YWAM Tokyo 2013 DTS were many students came from around the world for our missionary training program. It was a joy to take a team of these “in love with Jesus” students into the Philippines.

THE OUTREACH: The YWAM Olongapo base focuses on reaching out to girls who work in the red light districts. The director of the base and most of the staff are former prostitutes who have radical testimonies of the transformative work of Jesus in their lives. As part of our outreach, we went into prostitution bars and built relationship with the girls we met and shared the gospel as well as information about the YWAM base. During our 2.5 weeks there, one girl became a Christian, is no longer working in the bars and now lives at the YWAM base! She is full of joy and living for Him.

The girls that come to the base get discipled, learn how to work a trade such as paper making or cosmetics, and even get help in going to school. There are many testimonies of girls who have been at the base for a few years that are now living on their own, fully supported by a legitimate job. This photo is a snapshot of the paper making area of the base. I got to make paper once and it was super fun! They sell high quality hand made paper in local markets and make over 100 different colors.


We also got to lead a bible study at a prison! We partnered with some local missionaries and our team spoke with the women inmates. There were about 100 women there and we worshiped, gave 2 sermons, and also prayed for people. There is also a wonderful church in the Philippines and I have good relationship with the pastor and his wife. I have known them for 3 years and love them very much! Our team also had the privilege of leading one of the services at their church and also doing worship. I was also able to have coffee one on one with the pastor and also join them for their prayer room.

In addition to this we also did evangelism in a park in Olongapo. The park mostly is occupied by homeless people, prostitutes, and a few people on their lunch breaks. We gathered with a team of about 40 missionaries and worshiped in the park as well as talking with people, sharing the gospel, and praying with people.


Toward the end of the outreach we invited the many girls we met in bar evangelism to a bible study at the beach. About 9 girls came and we worshiped together, shared about the love of God, one of the staff from the base gave her testimony and we then simply hung out with the girls. It was amazing to see how much joy seemed to enter the girls that afternoon. One started crying during the testimony time and I am praying that she decides to leave her current job and come live at the YWAM base.


SUMMARY: All in all it was a wonderful outreach. God did so much. Each student on my team grew a ton. And I also was stretched in really good ways. I am so grateful for all of your prayer and support. Thank you for everything. Please be praying for the YWAM Olongapo base. Please pray that: They will have a great harvest of souls from evangelism, that there will be great financial blessing for their plans to physically expand the base, and that God would richly refresh and bless the faithful ones serving there.




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2 responses to “PHILIPPINES 2013 OUTREACH”

  1. Rebecca Boudreau says :

    It’s so great to here what God did through the outreach to the Philippines this year! Especially that one of the girls got saved!! I pray the DTS students continue to grow throughout the rest of their outreach!!

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