BRIEF UPDATE: I am excited to announce that I am going on a five week trip starting tomorrow. In the morning I will be flying to Seoul, Korea. After a week there, I will then travel to America. Then one month later I will fly back to Tokyo, Japan. This trip will serve many purposes and I am really excited!

VISION FOR KOREA: I believe that God has been putting Korea on my heart. Some missionary friends invited me to visit them in Korea and so I am thrilled that I will be staying there for a week. During this time I will be visiting missionary friends, meeting a lot of new people and also be praying about things that God has been putting on my heart for Korea.

VISION FOR AMERICA: I will be staying in America for one month.  During this time I am super excited to spend some quality time with my family. In addition to this there are a lot of really wonderful friends that I am looking forward to seeing. (If you are reading this you are probably one of them!). I hope to visit a few different churches that I love, make a trip to a prayer room in Washington, travel to Oregon for a bit and see a lot of wonderful people. Then I get to go to my friends Katie + JP’s wedding! I will be praying a lot during this time and seeking the Lord’s heart. It will be a key time of allowing Him to both work in me and prepare me for the next season. I will be praying a lot about direction for this next season as my commitment with YWAM Tokyo is coming to an end soon. Please partner with me in prayer as I seek the Lord’s direction.

VISION FOR JAPAN: I love Japan. After this trip I will return to Japan to finish my 2 year staff commitment with YWAM Tokyo. Before coming to Japan, it was never a place I thought I would end up. However, after He brought me here, I quickly fell in love with this beautiful country. Now the question is… what is next? I am going to be intentionally praying about staying in Japan longer, returning to America or possibly going to another country. There are many things on my heart; many dreams and desires. And yet I really want to be where He wants me to be. I am excited to see where He leads.


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