I am writing this blog post to update you on my coming plans. During the past 8 months I have been praying about what God has for me in the next season. That is because my two year staff commitment with YWAM Tokyo is coming to an end in December. During the past 8 months I have had many things on my heart and mind and have been prayerfully evaluating everything.

I have been asking Him about staying longer in Japan, moving back to America, or doing missions work in other countries. The more I prayed, the more I sensed that my time in Japan is coming to an end for this season. For a while Korea was on my heart and I was able to travel there for a week and visit missionaries, visit the YWAM base on Jeju Island and travel a lot. However, I feel that the Lord said that what He put on my heart regarding Korea is for a later time. So I am trusting Him to release that when He wants to. Also, Norway has been on my heart a lot. For about six months it would come up whenever I was praying about direction. However, in the last few months, I felt that God was saying that Norway is not the next step either. And I am still prayerfully asking Him if I am supposed to prepare to head there soon. We shall see!

And so I now get to tell you what I believe that God has laid out as the next step. On December 13th, I will fly back to Washington and spend the holidays with my family. Then in early January, 2014, I will move down to Pasadena, California to help my friend Pete Mahoney start a business called Fetter Lane Media. It might seem like an odd series of events but I really believe this is where God has me for a time. Currently I do not feel that it will be long term and have therefore not committed to a determined amount of time. The arrangement that I have made with Pete is that I will help him start his company until God tells me what is next. So in many ways this will be a time of transition. And at the same time, I could end up being there for a long time. It is currently a faith step.

With that being said I am rather excited! Pete has been a dear friend for many years. For 3 years he was my mentor in Tacoma and we would meet regularly for coffee, prayer and bible study. Then later he moved to Japan and married a wonderful Norwegian lady named Hege. It was Pete and Hege who originally invited me to come to Japan as a missionary! So I am super excited about living with them and working along side these two world changers.

Both Pete and Hege have a passion for revival, God’s kingdom, and the Gospel. Although I will be helping Pete with a professional web and print design business, the focus will very much be furthering God’s kingdom. We will be working for Christian Missionaries, Churches, and Organizations with the end goal of furthering the Gospel and mobilizing missionaries around the world. I am super excited about this. And I can also see God’s hand in it. You see, in the past 2 years in Japan, God has been using my design skills already to support the local church and many missionaries in my community. I believe that He has perfectly prepared me.

I want to thank you for praying for me diligently and for faithfully supporting me financially in these past two years. You are a huge part of the reason I have been able to work in Japan. Thank you so much for believing in me and partnering with the Revival that God is bringing to Japan.

With all my heart,


As I have been pondering this huge change of seasons, my heart has been remembering the many beautiful things that God has let me experience in Japan. You can check out my previous blog post of “Thankful Remembrance” here. In addition to this, I have been also remembering the very simple things, the beauty of this nation and people. It is impossible to capture it all. However, tonight I was overwhelmed by a sky rich with powerful pink color so I jumped on my bike, headed to the river and made this short film of the sunset. God really is a good father and He really does bring me to beautiful places.


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