During my time in Japan, I have learned many things about asian culture. I am currently the most familiar with Japan and Korea and their similarities/differences. One of the things that has always been incredibly fascinating to me though, is how Japan (which is very much an island) does not exhibit many island culture stereotypes. In addition to this, Japan is very different than Korea, China, and other asian countries in a few distinct ways. Because I am an American foreigner living in Japan, my perspective is incredibly limited.  However it was very exciting to recently see a series of infographics by the artist Yang Liu. She was born in China and also spent time living in Germany. She then created a series of illustrations that show her perspetive on the differences  between Eastern and Western cultural tendencies. What was fascinating was how Japan is similar to China on most things but on several examples, Japan is actually more similar to Western culture. You can see the rest of the illustrations HERE. In my experience, Japan is much more punctual, organized, methodical than these infographics depict Eastern culture.

BELOW are my three favorite in the series.

1 2 3


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