It has been some time since my last update. For the past 7 months I have been living and working in America. From January through May of this year, I was living in California and working with Fetter Lane Media. During this time, I had the privilege of designing websites and print pieces for a local house of prayer, a church, an evangelistic high school ministry and several other organizations. It was during these five months in California that God did a lot of work in my heart and reconfirmed my call to Japan. It was with much joy that I moved back up to Washington state at the beginning of the summer to start preparing to return to Japan.

This summer I have been working at Crista Camps Island Lake as a cook and preparing meals for guest groups and campers. This job was a great way to reconnect with old friends there as well as cover my financial costs during the summer. I got to spend each weekend with my family which was great because all of my brothers were home during this time.  Now in just one week I will be leaving the country!


While working in California, I had many great conversations with my friend Pete (Owner of Fetter Lane Media) about dreams for the business. He is married to a woman named Hege from Norway. One dream was to develop clients in both Japan and Norway. After visiting Japan and meeting with several clients there, Pete decided that we need to go to Norway if we were to develop clients there too. Although I am going to Japan, I will continue working with Pete as a contractor as a way making additional income to live.

In one week I will be flying with Pete to Norway! This is very exciting because Norway has been on my heart for about half a year now and I have been asking God why. Now he has provided a way for me to go there and I am looking forward to seeing what He does during my time in the country. I will be staying with Pete’s wife’s family for one week. Then I am going to visit the YWAM base in Ålesund, Norway. After that I am going to visit some old family friends. After that I fly to Japan.


How do I describe everything in my heart about Japan? I love Japan, I miss Japan. Mostly I miss the people in Japan. I have had several prayerful conversations with God these past 7 months about Japan. One thing that I have realized is that God had a purpose in bringing me to America for a short time so that He could then bring me back to Japan. It seams that this was necessary for His purposes.

YWAM Tokyo: I will be returning as staff with YWAM. Many really wonderful things have been growing and developing with the community there and I am excited to join in with what God is doing. Currently the whole base is doing a leadership training course and also committed language study; both of which I will be happily participating in.

Cornerstone Tokyo: For two years I worked with a local church plant in Tokyo called Cornerstone. I helped with set up / tear down, leading worship, and also helped start and lead one of their weekly services. I really believe in what God is doing in that church and have decided to keep working with them as one of my main focuses in Japan.

HiBA International: For three years I have worked with a high school ministry called HiBA. During my time in Japan I have built lasting relationship with several high schoolers (many of which are now in college). I have also gotten to lead teams of youth from HiBA on evangelistic outreaches throughout Japan as well as be a counselor at HiBA Camp. I am excited to see many familiar faces and develop new relationships with the wonderful people at HiBA.

Prayer Points

Would you please partner in prayer with me for this transition back to Japan? I would love prayer for the following:

Vision: God has been giving me more vision for Japan than I had last time I was there. However, I am believing that there is more he wants to speak into. Please be praying that I am open and faithful to whatever God wants to say about my time back in Japan.

Relationships: One of the things that has been growing on my heart is a desire to be a bridge person between cultures, individuals, ministries, etc. One of my deep longings is to see kingdom unity in the church in Japan. Maybe God will let me be a part of building more of this there.

Finances: I have been working and saving money while in America and have everything I need for plane tickets, travel, and supplies (including a bike and a new cell phone). However, to live in Japan, I am wanting to raise $1000 / month in support. Currently I have raised 1/4th of that. With the freelance work and contracting I will be doing that number will be a little higher but I still would love prayer for finances.

Favor at Customs: I have been gone for 7 months and would love prayer that everything would go smoothly as I go through customs. I have been in communication with both the Japanese embassy in Seattle as well as the Immigration Office in Japan. I have been told that there will be no problem but I still would love prayer for favor and that everything would go smoothly.


If you are interested in financially supporting me while in Japan you can sign up here: Support or you can contact me directly at:
253.235.3019 (number will work while I am in Norway or Japan)


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