UPDATE: After a 3 week visit to Norway, a 30 hour trip involving 3 planes & 4 airports, and some unpacking… I have finally settled back into Japan! God has blessed me with a quant little apartment and 2 great housemates. For the past 2 days I have been reconnecting with old friends and fellow missionaries in Tokyo and it has been wonderfully encouraging. My current mission includes: buying some groceries, finding a bike, and getting a phone.

VISION: One of the things that has been on my heart supremely is a growing desire for unity in the church in Japan. Perhaps God will let me be a part of pursuing greater unity in His church. It has been so wonderful to reconnect with fellow missionaries and pastors in Japan. I am excited by the stories of what God is doing and am hopeful for things to come. I will continue working with the local church plant I have been a part of in Tokyo. And I am also excited about the things happening at the YWAM base. I will be taking Japanese lessons as well as going through what is called a Life Track. During this next year I will be stretched in the areas of personal study, teaching, and discipleship and it is going to be great!

PRAYER: I would love prayer for the process of renewing my visa in Japan. Also please pray for unity in the church in Japan. Thank you!

CONTACT: I will be getting a Japanese phone but I also have a phone number that you can call from the states if you ever want to reach me: 253.235.3019. Also, I can be reached via Facebook and email. It would be great to hear from you! Much love, Devin


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