LIFE IN JAPAN: I have now been back in Tokyo for nearly one month! The time has really flown by and so much has happened that I wanted to send you another update. So without further delay, here is a recap.


CORNERSTONE TOKYO RETREAT: Immediately after arriving back in Japan, I traveled outside of the city for a weekend retreat with Cornerstone Tokyo. It was wonderful to see many of the people I love and have deeply missed from my home church in Japan.

The retreat was very encouraging and focused on what it means to walk in freedom with Christ as a Christian. This is a topic that I am very passionate about and it was a joy to be able to serve on some of the prayer teams. I loved seeing Japanese people learn more about their identity in Christ and the power of prayer/repentance. Two people got baptized and hearing their testimonies reminded me in part about why I was excited about being back in Japan. In addition to all of this, one man that came to the retreat accepted Christ for the first time!

Also, there was a fun connection to Washington state as several people came from the parent church, Cornerstone Seattle. I also learned that many of the other members of the prayer teams had gotten training from my home church in Tacoma and those unique connections were fun doors for building relationship.


LANGUAGE STUDY: I have a stronger desire to learn Japanese than my prior times in Japan. What is exciting is that all of the staff at the YWAM Tokyo base are doing Japanese class together. We have two wonderful Japanese instructors that come and teach classes for 9 hours a week. Although I feel rather behind everyone since I was in the states for 8 months, I am having fun diving into the language and am slowly making progress. I would love prayer for language study and for my brain. ūüôā



ENGLISH CLASS: One of my Japanese friends teaches elementary kids English. She needed help this month so my friend Rachel and I got to dress up (Totoro and Olaf) and help! It was fun working with Japanese children and getting a glimpse into new aspects of life in Japan.

In addition to this I have accepted a position as a part time English teacher at a school in Yotsuya. I will be teaching 4 classes of various age groups. Please be praying that God gives me more and more of His heart for the students and that I will be able to invest in their lives and destinies. The school is run by Christians who desire to see God’s love made known. I am excited about this opportunity.


LIVING ROOM, IKEBUKURO, AND LIFE TRACK: There are a lot of great things that are going on here in Tokyo. As a YWAM staff, I get to be a part of two weekly ministries.

Living Room – a gathering for all of our friends and people we meet. On Tuesday nights we all come together for prayer and worship. It is called the Living Room because we want people to feel at home and like family. The more we meet together and the more I see God doing in our midst, the more I see the beauty of the body of Christ. God is revealing Himself, setting people free and making us more like Him each week.

Ikebukuro – On Friday nights we all go to a park by Ikebukuro Station (a very busy and popular destination). We worship and pray in the park; focusing on God and not setting out to do direct evangelism. It may seem like an unexpected approach but the cool thing is that people keep getting drawn in by the presence of God. Already there have been several people that have come to know Christ and are being discipled. Its really great!

Life Track – Two times a week we all meet together as staff in YWAM and practice teaching on subjects from the Bible. We are selected at random and have to teach on any topic that we have studied as a community since Life Track started. Its really great because it is teaching us what it means to be continually in the Word and Holy Spirit dependent. Also its giving our staff confidence that we really can teach the word of God. I am excited to see the fruit that comes from this years down the road.


1) REVIVAL IN JAPAN: Please pray for Revival in Japan. I believe that God is wanting to bring wide spread Revival to this nation. I believe that the time is soon. Please partner with this vision and ask God for a massive harvest of souls.

2) UNITY IN THE CHURCH: Please be interceding for the church in Japan. I believe that one of the very important things is unity. That unity is necessary for what He is wanting to do. Please pray that God would unify His body.

3) PERSONAL GROWTH: This season in Japan is very key for several aspects of my personal growth. I prayed about this for many months before returning and I strongly believe that God is doing things right now that are very personally important and keys to the future. I realize that this sounds rather vague but its difficult to summarize. Feel free to message me if you want more details. But please, please lift me up in prayer whenever God puts it on your heart. I really would love extra intercession during this time.

4) FINANCES: God is so good and has always been faithful. I have never gone without. I am so grateful for the support that people have faithfully given to me while I have been in Japan. This time I am still a few hundred dollars below the monthly support I need. Please be praying that God brings in more monthly supporters. Thank you!


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