This update is rather late! If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably already seen several pictures. However, I did want to take the time to write about two huge trips that I took recently. Both have had a profound impact on me and there is much to share. For this update, I will strive for brevity. If however, you would like a much more detailed account, please feel free to write me with questions.


I went to Osaka, Japan last month for an event called Home Coming Japan Gathering. (See website here) This several day event had around 3000 international Christians in attendance from over 30 different nations. The focus of this event was reconciliation. We spent each day together in worship and intentional intercession for Japan and surrounding nations. Then, publicly, there were set aside moments where fathers were repenting to sons and sons to fathers. There was blessing and forgiveness and it was beautiful. Also there were set aside times where hundreds of pastors from China, South Korea, Japan and other nations repented on behalf of their nations and blessed the other nations. There was also a similar time set aside for pastors from Germany and Japan. It is very difficult to try and summarize well the many many powerful stories from this event but I was moved to tears on many accounts.

I am really excited for what God seems to be doing with the Global Church. I really believe that He is restoring more unity in his Bride and that many good things will come from this.


Immediately after this event, I had the great honor of flying to South Korea with a small team of international missionaries. Our small team was composed of four people from three countries that have been meeting together weekly to pray for North Korea. We went to South Korea together to connect with several friends, pastors and missionaries living there. We got to hear wonderful stories about the things that God is doing and also spend a lot of time with people who are working with ministries or organizations focused on North Korea. During our time there, we met with 2 students/staff at the University for North Korean Studies. We had a great time of talking and praying with them. Also during our time there we got to pray near the Blue House (South Korea’s equivalent of the United States’ White House) and also the government building dedicated to unification between the North and South. Also we got to go with one of our missionary friends who has worked directly with many North Korean people that have escaped to South Korea to a place that over looks the border. It was very wonderful to be able to pray together with her for both the North and the South.


For the last two days of our trip, we got to stay with a family that I deeply love in South Korea. They are very wonderful friends that I have had the privilege of staying with 3 times now. The husband and wife have been missionaries in various locations and now the husband is helping pastor a church. They have an amazing gift for hospitality and love to create a place where missionaries can come, be refreshed, and encouraged. We were overwhelmingly loved on by this amazing family. OH, and it also was really fun to play with their three beautiful kids.



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