YWAM Together 2015

Last week, I attended a conference in Townsville, Australia called YWAM Together. This event was announced many months ago and God put it on my heart to attend. It was designed to gather missionaries working with YWAM around the world to share stories, worship and partner together with what God is doing globally. It was a really great week. I will try and briefly identity a few of the many highlights.

Worshiping with over 1,300 missionaries from 73 nations


Each night there would be both worship and celebration of culture as dancers, singers and performers from different nations would take the stage and lead worship in their unique flavor. Featured above is a group of dancers from South Korea. As they danced they were praying the words of the passage from Psalms 27.

Reaching every last language on earth with the Bible


Currently the Christian Bible has been translated fully into 531 distinct languages and partially translated into approximately 3000 distinct languages. YWAM is partnering globally to translate the Bible fully into 95% of all known languages and at least some of its text into 100% of all known languages by 2033.

Bonding with friends

aa4I had a fun time with my Canadian friend Kaare who has been with me in Tokyo for 4 years. We had the opportunity to connect with several old friends as well as make many new friends from around the world. Hoping that God will bring us to some of those people again. It is fun to be part of something with operating locations around the globe and it helps to maintain a healthy perspective of the big picture things that God is up to around the world right now.

Artist and Communicator

I got to attend a fantastic lecture that refueled some of my passions regarding art and other communication mediums. So much to say about this topic that I actually don’t know what to put here. Been thinking a ton about how God uses story to reveal himself to humanity. Wondering what kinds of stories, ideas and things of Him can be communicated… what is possible through the arts and through story. Dreaming. Wanting to see more of this in Japan.


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