A Long Overdue Summary

It has been far too long since I last wrote an update here. Please let me extend my apologies. The last few months have been a time of contemplation and dreaming about many things. I hope to briefly share some vision in this post about this next year.

Wow! Is it true that 2016 has already come? It is hard to grasp that I came to Japan for the first time nearly 5 years ago. I am honored to live in such a wonderful part of the world. More and more though, I am beginning to see the harsher realities of this nation. And the great need for God’s kingdom to invade in every way. Loneliness, suicide, depression and hopelessness are rampant. And it is a big thing to ponder how God would want to introduce himself, manifest his presence and bathe this land in hope filled love. Frankly it can be overwhelming at times. And I am beginning to see more and more how incredibly vital it is to keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Maybe right now that is the one of the biggest daily battles. What does it look like to truly keep him first in all things? What does it mean to walk toward him and not be pushed down by a consuming concentration on the wind, water and waves. How can we look to him alone and disciple others to do the same.

Recently I have been dreaming more and more about working with creatives in Japan. Its seems that God has given me opportunities to connect with so many types of people and I love that. However, I am beginning to suspect that one of the areas I could have a significant impact is in that of the creative. We have so many talented artists and creatives at our base. Story tellers, writers, illustrators, dancers, photographers, foodies, videographers, designers, to name a few. And Tokyo is full of creatives. Right now what I am pondering and considering are ways that God would allow me to build relationship with non-Christian Japanese and international creatives. I want to pull creatives into the international community that I live with and also enter the other abundant creative worlds in Tokyo. My expectation is that Holy Spirit will move. Please be praying for me as I ponder these things. I am hoping that God will deposit ideas and set up interactions with creatives so that more people can know Jesus.

In 2016, I plan to also continue:

  • Working at Yotsuya International School and loving on the amazing students there.
  • Praying with my team of international missionaries for North Korea, South Korea and Japan.
  • Partnering with the local church to train young Japanese Christians and get them excited about evangelism in Japan.
  • Connect with other missionaries in Asia and abroad (if God allows) with the intent purpose of pursuing unity and loving the church.

I am so grateful for each of you that prays, supports me financially, and send me words of encouragement. Thank you for being a base of support while I live in Japan. I miss you and sometimes wish that I had a Stargate┬áthat could be used to visit each of you at regular intervals. I had the opportunity over the Christmas season to visit my family in Washington State. I took some time to travel around some and connect with a few of you. I wish I had had time to see everyone. Maybe next time we can hang when I visit the States. Oh, and you are always welcome to come visit Tokyo! Really, please come… you should do it… what are you waiting for? Buy your ticket already! Love you guys! – Devin


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One response to “A Long Overdue Summary”

  1. minuiperiannath says :

    Would love to connect sometime. Missionary/creative (writer) in Fukushima.

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